Frequently Asked Questions information

  • What is is a company officially registered in the UK, which is a large representative and one of the key players in agricultural business among the representatives of the agrarian sector not only in Western Europe, but throughout the world.

  • How do I become an investor of the company?

    Undergo a simple registration procedure and contribute to company's development. You can find more detailed information on 'Investment' page.

    Please note: You don’t need any additional confirmation of your personal data for registration procedure.
    Having registered on the website, you become our partner and get access to your referral link.

  • Are there any additional conditions for registering an account?

    A description of all additional information is available on the 'Terms and Conditions' page. After completing the registration procedure, you automatically agree with them and confirm your lawful age (over 18 y.o.).

  • I can't register an account. What do I do?

    When filling out the registration form, please, check the correctness of entered personal data and payment details. If you can’t create an account, please contact our support.

  • Is registration a mandatory condition?

    Yes, of course. You will not be able to become an investor without creating a personal account and saving your personal information in the company database.

  • Can I register one more account on your website?

    Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited by the rules of the Agreement.

  • Which personal information can I change after registration?

    You can change your password and e-mail in personal account in 'Settings' section. The project doesn’t allow change of the login.

  • Forgot your password or lost access to your account?

    If you forgot the password, you can restore access to your account by filling in the form on the 'Forgot password?' page.

    Please, mind! Do not share your personal data for access to your personal account with anyone.

  • What payment systems are available for making a deposit?

    We work with such payment systems as:

    1. Perfect Money:;
    2. Bitcoin:;
    3. Ethereum:;
    4. Litecoin:
  • What investment plans are available?

    At the moment offers two investment packages to choose from:
    - 10% Daily forever (10$ - 2500$);
    - 15% Daily forever (2501$ - 50,000$);

  • How do I create a deposit?

    Creation of a deposit is available on the 'Open Deposit' page in your account. To do this, select the package you are interested in and the payment system.

  • What is the minimum amount of the deposit?

    The minimum deposit amount that makes you an active participant is 10$.

  • How long does it take to create a deposit?

    Deposits are credited and become active immediately after the transfer of funds. Please, mind, when using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, it takes longer to activate a deposit (3 confirmations in the blockchain network are required).

  • Is there a fee for money crediting and withdrawal?

    No, we are not charging any fees other than
    the ones charged by payment systems.

  • Where and how do I check accrued profit?

    All profit from your partners or active deposits is credited to the balance in your account instantly.

  • How quickly do I get the money to my wallet?

    The withdrawal of funds from the account balance is carried out instantly.

  • What are the minimum amounts allowed for withdrawal?

    The minimum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment system:
    0.1$ - PerfectMoney,;
    5$ - Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

  • How do I secure access to my account?

    In addition to standard recommendations not to provide personal information to third parties, there is also the possibility of activating additional levels of protection on the website: a two-factor authentication, secret question/answer, restrictions on the user's IP and browser.

  • Do you have a partner program?

    Yes, we have a 2-level partner program (5% - 1% ).

  • Where do I find a referral link?

    You will find it in 'Partner program' section in your personal account.

  • How do I earn money through the partner program?

    You need to invite new users to the platform to work within the partner program.

What do I do if I haven't found an answer to my question?

Please, send your question filling in a form of support on our website.

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